Power Hydraulics 2


The aim of this module is for the learner to be able to design power hydraulic circuits to perform specific functions. This includes the selection and sizing of hydraulic cylinders, control valves, and auxiliary components. Operation and maintenance of hydraulic circuit components are also discussed along with the minimisation of their environmental impact.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the construction, function, and operation of different types of hydraulic cylinders and valves used in power hydraulic circuits.

  2. Determine appropriately-sized hydraulic cylinders for specific pressure, load, or velocity conditions.

  3. Calculate the design parameters of pressure control and flow control valves for given applications.

  4. Design power hydraulic circuits to operate different cylinder configurations using best engineering practices.

  5. Describe the construction, function, and operation of reservoirs, accumulators, filters, strainers, and heat exchangers in power hydraulic circuits.

% Coursework 100%