Practice Development 4 - Supervision and Mentoring


Building on their professional practice in previous years and the learning from modules covered, learners will work independently under the guidance of lecturers to develop their ability to work autonomously and critically reflect on their practice. In preparation for the Practice Development 4 the learner will be facilitated to examine the ‘Advanced Practitioner’ profile. At the core of professional competence lies the constant ability to connect the dimensions of knowledge, practice and values.

The learner will be required to design and implement a practice based workshop to early childhood educators within a setting. The learner will also develop a “Supervision policy” and provide support and supervision within the service. GMIT through collective facilitative spaces will support the learners as they engage in group reflections as a community of learners to construct and share understandings of theory and practice.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Design, implement and evaluate a practice based workshop for early childhood educator.

  2. Critically evaluate the need for accepting professional responsibility and the capacity for acting on a self-directed, discretionary, accountable basis in a broad range of contexts.

  3. Demonstrate the ability to provide support and supervision to an early childhood educator

  4. Demonstrate the reflexive capacity to apply a suite of professional transferable skills within a range of applications contexts.

% Coursework 100%