Procurement Studies


Procurement Methods available in the Construction Industry, their uses in the Industry taking into account the Clients requirements in terms of
time, cost, quality and function of a building. The procedural requirements for a PQS and CQS in the Pre & Post Contract Tender Phase.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Show an awareness of the various tendering and procurement options available including the procedures involved during the tender period, subsequent analysis, reporting and contractor appointment.

  2. Show an awareness of the factors that influence of the most appropriate procurement route, identify the appropriate timing for each procurement event and identify the advantages and disadvantages of the procurement route applicable to a given situation

  3. Understand public procurement including E U requirements and Government requirements understand the prequalification process in public sector procurement

  4. Understand post contract procurement.

  5. Understand contract documentation, preparation, management, signing and sealing

  6. Show an awareness of the IT requirements in Procurement and Tender Box Facilities.

% Coursework 50%
% Final Exam 50%