Professional Development


This module covers the area of Professional Development for an accounting professional. All accountants must participate and provide evidence of continuing professional development to remain a member of their respective body. This module seeks to create awareness and an understanding of the need for professional development in accounting students so that they can participate more effectively in the work environment upon commencement. 

Professionalism is a dedication to work which requires a high level of skill and also a commitment to a set of principles centred on the public interest. This module will foster learners with an ethos of commitment to professionalism as it relates to employment in the accounting industry. Effective communication skills both written and verbal are essential and this module addresses these key communication issues also.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Display a comprehensive knowledge and appreciation of the role professional development plays in the career of accountancy and the individual.

  2. Demonstrate thorough knowledge and understanding of the recruitment and selection process for careers in accountancy, and an ability to apply this knowledge.

  3. Display professional communication skills in a professional accounting context

  4. Research and critically appraise current issues in accounting

  5. Demonstrate professional behaviour and display the capacity to participate in projects that require team work.

% Coursework 100%