Professional Placement


A supervised work-based learning experience in an appropriate organisation which leads to the acquisition and development of professional and/or technical skills. Placements must be approved by the programme coordinator prior to commencement and approval will only be granted to students who have successfully completed all stages.

This work-based placement will provide students with the opportunity to gain practical experience in real-life settings. Students will undertake approved projects for an employer, which will contribute to the organisation and facilitate the development of work place skills, fitness to practice and application of knowledge to a practical situation. Students will develop understanding and skills relevant to job planning, time management and the requirements of working with others in a position of responsibility. To receive academic credit, students must complete the work tasks assigned to them as part of their placement. They must also complete a series of academic assessment tasks under the joint supervision of a representative of the sponsor and an academic from the School.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Accept responsibility for and manage, implement and evaluate their personal and professional development and show a commitment to life-long learning.

  2. Demonstrate insight and make plans for continuous professional development in collaboration with peers and mentors to advance learning in public health nutrition.

  3. Critically evaluate relevant scientific evidence, communicate and apply findings to practice.

  4. Adopt effective project management, teamwork, negotiation, problem solving and communication skills and work effectively within the placement organisation.

  5. Adopt a questioning and critical approach in all aspects of placement and evaluate placement on an ongoing basis.

  6. Organise, establish and document data, process and communication on a public health nutrition issue into written reports and oral presentations to acceptable professional standards.

  7. Critically evaluate and reflect on learning, skills and knowledge gained in the work/community context, and their implications for future personal and professional development.

% Coursework 100%