Professional Practice


Learners will work for a relevant host organisation for a minimum of eight weeks, under the guidance of an industrial mentor from the host organisation, the placement co-ordinator and an academic supervisor from GMIT.

The module will develop the learner professionally and personally and equip them with the skills, knowledge and relevant industrial experience to give them insight to and enable them to plan for and achieve their career goals.

All aspects of work placement are covered from seeking and applying for a placement, navigating the interview process, to undertaking a relevant work placement. This is achieved through merging elements of GMIT’s 'The Next Step - Transitioning to Work' module for preparation for industrial work placement.

Learners will also complete assignments while in the workplace. The assignments are designed to evaluate the learner’s developing knowledge of the host organisation, as well as reflect on how their placement experience meets the learning outcomes of the Professional Practice module.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyse professional and personal skills and characteristics and produce a coherent CV and career development plan.

  2. Explain how the host organisation operates, including the type of work carried out in each of the sections of the host organisation, and its role in society.

  3. Describe the legal and regulatory working environment of the host organisation and the procedures that the organisation has in place to adhere to this regulatory regime, including the organisation’s health and safety protocols.

  4. Explain how they applied previously acquired theory and practical knowledge to their day to day work in the host organisation.

  5. Develop at least one technical skill significantly through work-based project learning while on industrial work placement. This should include interpretation of scientific results arising from such work

  6. Describe how their placement experience has improved their professional competence (e.g. through an improved ability to: communicate and work effectively with others; show initiative and work independently; organise their workload and set priorities; respond to new challenges and changing situations).

  7. Critically evaluate how they have contributed to their host organisation's objectives.

  8. Explain how their placement experience has modified their career aspirations and future employment prospects.

% Coursework 70%
% Final Exam 30%