Professional Practice 2 (Exhibition)


This module facilitates Level 7 Contemporary Art students in developing an electronic art practice portfolio (e-portfolio) documenting the planning, installation, exhibition and deinstallation of the students' group show held in a public space. It provides learners with professional practice acumen relevant to the real-world environment of the practising artist and/or designer. Learners are asked to document and report on all aspects of the planning and execution of their end-of-year group show held in a public location external to the college. For assessment, learners present an e-portfolio documenting the exhibition process to include a short written evaluation of their experience. This e-portfolio will also reflect the actuality of professional engagement as it applies to the learner’s own developing practice and coursework.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Engage with the group in the planning of an exhibition

  2. Carry out the task(s) assigned to the student's sub-group.

  3. Effectively construct a professional web-based platform, with attention to both design and content chronicling the process of planning, installation, exhibition and deinstallation.

  4. Critically evaluate the experience as part of the e-portfolio.

% Coursework 100%