Professional Practice and Communication in Medical Science


This module introduces the medical science student to professional practice in medical science as well as providing an introduction to the standards of proficiency that are required in order to practise as a medical scientist. The module will also develop students skills in communication with an emphasis on professional communication and collaboration within a healthcare environment. It will enable students to develop key communication skills, oral, non-verbal and written to assist them to communicate effectively and professionally in their scientific careers.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Discuss the role of a medical scientist in the context of the Irish health service.

  2. Discuss legal and ethical issues, including issues relating to consent, confidentiality and data protection, that pertain to medical science.

  3. Apply effective communication skills and demonstrate an awareness of the importance of good communication skills in a collaborative setting.

  4. Identify ethically appropriate means to communicate patient medical results as a medical scientist.

  5. Produce clear, concise, accurate and objective documentation

  6. Summarise and present complex scientific ideas and findings of research and audit in an appropriate form

% Coursework 100%