Professional Practice Project


The professional practice project component is an integral part of the academic programme. This module enables the learner to develop functioning knowledge and experience by participating and reflecting on the process of defining, developing, implementing, reporting, and presenting a business/societal related analytical project.  Learners currently in employment are encouraged to undertake a mutually beneficial project based on a work-based scenario/problem/industry/dataset.  Learners not in a position to apply the project to a real-world scenario are encouraged to identify a societal related analytical project based on publicly available datasets.

While the project is learner lead, each learner will be assigned a dedicated academic supervisor to facilitate and mentor for the implementation stage of the project. The project must be of sufficient technical challenge and depth, as agreed by an academic supervisor. 

Appropriate ethical compliance safeguards will put in place in terms of data collection and data use. Data protection and GDPR guidelines will be strictly adhered to and communicated to leaners who are using datasets obtained from their workplace. All considerations for the handling of data will be guided and governed by ATU’s intellectual property policy and procedures.

A project portfolio will be submitted by each student at the end of the module while students will also be required to present and discuss their project in the form of a presentation with particular emphasis placed on the communication of findings and results.

On completion of this module the student should be able to take on (minimally) entry-level development and/or analyst roles relating to business analytics.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyse a business analytics issue and identify a solution.

  2. Examine and critique topics relevant to the business analytics issue.

  3. Apply business analytical skills in the development of a solution.

  4. Demonstrate project management techniques to the completion of the project.

  5. Prepare a report and presentation on the project solution and/or prepare user documentation for the client.

% Coursework 100%