The project will combine a research project with a literature review pertaining to the programme of study. The project will be carried out independently by the learner under the supervision of an academic supervisor. This module will enable learners to work effectively and independently in an academic laboratory. Learners will develop their project management, critical thinking, communication, time-management and team-working skills while also enabling them to progress their knowledge in their programme of study.

Learners will also undertake a literature review pertaining to the research topic assigned to them. They will perform the relevant experimental or other research required for thesis collation. The thesis will be assessed via a PowerPoint presentation or poster and viva voce.Learners will be required to reflect on their research work, evaluate the significance of their findings and participate in scientifically reasoned argument.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Prepare a literature review having sourced scientific and/or regulatory literature through the use of electronic or hard-copy journals, books and/or abstracts.

  2. Develop a project plan which includes a feasible aim and corresponding objectives (experimental / investigative methods) that will fulfil that aim. The plan should also incorporate an appropriate timeline.

  3. Perform relevant experiments / analyses relating to the planned project objectives.

  4. Analyse and interpret data generated during the project in the context of the project aim.

  5. Discuss the outcomes of the project and identify areas for improvement in their skills or project management.

  6. Communicate their results in both oral and written form. 

% Coursework 100%