Developing the capacity to devise and complete a sustained piece of secondary research and independent writing is one of the defining features of a graduate of the Business Studies honours programme.  This module provides an opportunity for the learner to conduct a literature review on a topic of their own choosing and builds on the learning achieved in the "Research Methods" and "Critical Thinking" modules in semester 7.  The module is coordinated by an academic member of staff.  There are no timetabled hours and the student's project is completed with the supervision of an assigned staff member.   

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of contemporary issues and critical concepts relating to the chosen research topic.

  2. Deploy bibliographic skills, including citation of sources and consistent use of conventions in the presentation of scholarly work.

  3. Deploy research skills, including reading; drafting, re‑writing and editing; information retrieval skills; the ability to gather, sift, and organise material independently and critically, and evaluate its significance.

  4. Work independently, within a given timeframe, to produce a piece of scholarly writing

% Coursework 100%