Project 4


This module provides an opportunity for the learner to synthesise and integrate knowledge and skills beyond the limits of the formal subject modules.  The learner will design and build an appropriate instrumentation system or devise suitable experiments, produce a rational program sequence and timing, select and order components and equipment, carry out measurements, analyse results, produce a formal written report and make a presentation on the project work.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyse a scientific or technical research question and synthesise different areas of knowledge in devising and implementing a practical solution.

  2. Devise a rational program sequence and timing.

  3. Design system/experiment to meet designated specifications/criteria and then source, select and requisition appropriate hardware and software and construct/implement.

  4. Choose and implement appropriate test and calibration procedures and suitable techniques for analysis of measurement data and uncertainties.

  5. Critically assess system performance and then optimise, or failing that, explain how improvements could be obtained.

  6. Keep a detailed logbook, produce scientific and technical reports, deliver scientific and technical presentations, justify and defend findings.

  7. Explain complex concepts and principles of the physics and instrumentation pertaining to the project.

  8. Work within recognised safety regulations and procedures, particularly when using hazardous substances or processes.

% Coursework 100%