Project Build and Test


Students, individually and in teams, build & test a series of circuits culminating in a significant microcontroller based project. The module will develop technical skills in reading & drawing schematics, planning and building circuitry on breadboard and stripboard, testing & debugging software & hardware in the context of embedded systems. Soft skills will be developed in the realm of teamwork, communications, awareness of relevant environmental and sustainability issues. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Produce a schematic and a layout diagram for a circuit, given the circuit blocks required.

  2. Develop an integrated strategy for testing & building a circuit.

  3. Write programs to run on an embedded microcontroller to perform simple I/O & processing functions.

  4. Maintain a log of progress, to include achievements, test results and challenges.

  5. Develop test programs & strategies to verify h/w & s/w integration.

  6. Produce a written report explaining the operation of an electronics 'product'.

  7. Investigate and understand the environmental and economic impact of the hardware they design and build

  8. Present findings to their peers

  9. Work in cooperation with teammates to design, build, test and integrate an electronics 'product'

% Coursework 100%