Project Management


The furniture and wood manufacturing industry in Ireland is now primarily project focused with the majority of organisations being high-mix, low-volume manufacturers. The recent high demand for graduates in project management roles emphasises the importance of formal project management tools and procedures within the industry. This module covers core project management concepts with an emphasis on best practice methods and theory that relate directly to the furniture and wood manufacturing sector. All key project management knowledge areas will be explored and their relevance to the current industry dynamic will be presented through practical exercises. Various project management tools from each phase of the project lifecycle will be applied to industry scenarios and case studies.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Define and discuss the Project Life Cycle and Project Management Life Cycle for furniture and wood manufacturing projects.  

  2. Apply the principles of Project Time Management to develop project schedules and resource estimates.  

  3. Apply Project Planning Tools and Techniques to Industry Scenarios and Assignments. 

  4. Identify Risk Management Tools and Techniques and apply them to industry scenarios and assignments.

  5. Explain the importance of Quality Management as it relates to commercial interiors and apply Quality Management Tools to industry scenarios and assignments. 

  6. Identify and apply the various tools used by project managers to monitor and control projects within the industry.

  7. Identify the various leadership qualities and management skills that are required to become an effective project manager.

  8. Evaluate the importance for ICT in project management and explore implementation strategies.

  9. Estimate resource requirements for projects through the use of project cost management tools and techniques.

% Coursework 50%
% Final Exam 50%