Project Management


This module is designed to enable the student to understand and apply project management concepts, methodologies, tools, and techniques to software development.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Have a comprehensive understanding of Project Management in the software industry.

  2. Understand the general project management life cycle and general project management knowledge area processes, and how these apply to software development.

  3. Understand software development project management concepts, tools, and techniques, as used in the development of software projects and applications.

  4. Apply software development project management concepts, tools, techniques, and skills to a practical project assignment.

  5. Have a comprehensive understanding of  the Agile methodology approach to software development, it's origins, values, principles, approaches, tools, practices, and techniques in relation to the development of a software project.

  6. Work both independently and as a team member using industry-standard project management tools and methodologies to navigate the inherent complexity in developing software.

% Coursework 60%
% Final Exam 40%