Quality and Innovation


The aim of this module is to develop students' understanding of quality, quality improvement and innovation. The module will focus on the context, key principles and competencies associated with quality and innovation. The module will create a critical awareness of the contemporary themes. It will encourage the student to explore how quality is defined and measured in relation to health and/or social care. The module will include quality improvement methodology. There will be a focus on application to practice and students will consider aspects of quality and innovation from their own area of practice and application of theory.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate and apply the principles of Quality Improvement.

  2. Demonstrate and apply the science of improvement and improvement principles.

  3. Utilise different techniques of data collection and measurement and understand the role of measurement in improvement.

  4. Demonstrate the ability to identify the opportunities in practice to analyse opportunites for improvement.

  5. Synthesise the range of improvement methods available for reducing harm to service user

  6. Demonstrate the appropriate use of at least one improvement tool in a service context and participate/lead on an improvement activity. Apply the principles of positive risk taking in care practice.

% Coursework 100%