Quantitative Techniques


The objective of this module is to develop an appreciation and understanding of how various quantitative techniques can be used to facilitate problem-solving and decision-making in organisations and governments. The module takes students through step-by-step procedures for hands-on analysis of social science data. The module will help student to learn to interpret and discuss statistical results in a way the average person can understand. An important aspect of the module is that it takes you through all the material in R. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Appreciate and select with justification appropriate quantitative methods to analyse business and social science data

  2. Use quantitative methods appropriately with an understanding of the assumptions of each method

  3. Evaluate and interpret results, recognising any limitations

  4. Report findings in a clear, concise and well-structured manner

  5. Demonstrate competence in the use of R for quantitative data analysis

% Coursework 100%