Research Methods


This module introduces the student to different research methods, approaches and philosophies.  In addition, students develop the skills to identify a research question and critically review academic and/or professional literature to address that question.  This endeavour will equip students to complete a full literature review in their particular topic.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Know a variety of research methods, approaches and philosophies 

  2. Deploy research skills (information retrieval; the ability to gather, sift, and organise material independently and critically, and evaluate its significance;drafting, rewriting and editing)

  3. Access data from a variety of sources and be able to use appropriate research methods to conduct effective research.

  4. Develop a research proposal.

  5. Operate independently and responsibly, and take a positive and active role in his or her learning, in the service of the production of a sustained piece of critical writing.

% Coursework 100%