Research Methods


On completion of this module students will/should have a fundamental knowledge of some of the key historical sources and methods used when conducting research in the field of heritage.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Appreciate the range of factors to consider when preparing, planning and running a research project;

  2. Use a diverse range of historical sources, methods and facilities when carrying out their own independent heritage investigations;

  3. Write a Preliminary Research Proposal (which could potentially form part of a future Dissertation Proposal);

  4. Demonstrate accomplished communication, discussion, interpretation, presentation, and writing skills;

  5. Demonstrate an ability to utilise a broad range of secondary sources (e.g. blogs, books, book chapters, dissertations, field evidence, films, journal articles, magazine articles, manuscripts, maps, newspaper articles, podcasts, theses, websites, and videos);

  6. Draw on the past to comprehend the present and grasp the importance of securing the future, thus linking to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

% Coursework 100%