Research Methods and Project


This module provides students with the opportunity to develop economics skills to be well prepared for the design and successful completion of an independent academic research project. As part of the assessment, students are expected to work on specific topics in Economics identified by the lecturer and to engage in group activities. The course requires a minimum knowledge of linear and multiple regression analysis. In the first half of the module, students learn about the research process in Economics including its theoretical foundation and fundamental protocols. In this first phase, students develop the skills to critically assess academic and/or professional Economics literature, formulate their research question(s) and develop a literature review and a research proposal. In the second half of the module, students implement that proposal and report each week on their progress before submitting their final project. 


The course requires a minimum knowledge of linear and multiple regression analysis. It complements the non-credit bearing Economics Skills and Employability modules offered in the Department and in the School.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of mathematical and statistical tools for economic analysis

  2. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of qualitative and quantitative economic data, and the appropriate methods for structuring and analysing such data

  3. Analyse and interpret data using a range of statistical computer software

  4. Demonstrate an ability to reflect upon research methodologies, and to draft, revise and edit written work accordingly

  5. Demonstrate familiarity with principal sources of economic information and data, and be able to organise and present such data in an informative manner

  6. Work independently demonstrating initiative and self-management

  7. Demonstrate appropriate research and bibliographic skills, an advanced capacity to construct a coherent, substantiated argument, and a capacity to write clear and correct prose

  8. Communicate economic arguments in written and oral form

% Coursework 100%