Research Project 1


Research project 1 contributes to a number of the Masters programmes in the Dept of Sport, Exercise and Nutrition. This module involves the detailed study of a specific topic in sport, exercise, biomechanics, health, food, sensory or nutritional science. The choice of topic is by negotiation between the student and an appropriate member of teaching staff acting as a supervisor. As part of Research Project 1 students will prepare and submit ethics applications for Research Project 2 and submit Thesis 1. Thesis 1 will be in the form of a systematic literature review to enable the student to focus their research question by examining previous research in the field. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply appropriate theoretical and practical methods and ethical considerations to the analysis and solutions of problems in human nutrition, sensory analysis, health or sport/exercise science.

  2. Generate new hypotheses for the selected topic based on relevant research and own research.

  3. Systemtically review the literature and present a coherent and defensible analysis.

% Coursework 100%