Research Project 2


This module involves the detailed study of a specific topic in sport, exercise, biomechanics, health, food, sensory science or nutrition. The choice of topic is by negotiation between the student and an appropriate member of teaching staff acting as a supervisor. The project should, where possible, be original research and include some elements of design and planning and some form of data collection, analysis of findings and development of new hypotheses. Data collection may be laboratory experimentation, questionnaires, social or behaviour observation.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply appropriate theoretical and practical methods to the analysis and solutions of problems in human nutrition, sensory science, food, health, biomechanics or sport/exercise science.

  2. Conduct appropriate independent research in the selected topic area.

  3. Demonstrate and apply safe working practices, professional standards and ethical procedures.

  4. Generate new hypotheses for the selected topic based on relevant research and own research.

  5. Present a coherent and defensible analysis and demonstrate an ability to follow author guidelines and prepare a research thesis submission .

% Coursework 100%