Research Project


The research project is the culmination of the Biopharmaceutical Higher Diploma. The project should take the form of a proposal for design and development of a biopharmaceutical product to prevent treat or diagnose a specific medical condition. The student will undertake a literature review to source information on the target condition and current gold-standard therapies. Based on this information and the student's knowledge gained through the programme, the student should propose an alternative biopharmaceutial product, for prevention, treatment or diagnosis of said medical condition. Thereafter, students should include a detailed overview of the design, function, clinical trials, manufacturing, validation and  quality control testing prior to release of their proposed product. The students will apply their knowledge of quality standards and regulations pertaining to the manufacturing of biopharmaceutical products throughout this work.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Lead the development of a proposal for the design and manufacture of a biopharmaceutical product.

  2. Critically evaluate and review literature (and other relevant, reliable sources) using appropriate keywords and databases.

  3. Synthesize and collate relevant information from the programme modules to apply their knowledge to a current medical concern and the proposed design, manufacture, release and control of a biopharmaceutical. 

  4. Communicate results of the review in written and oral forms, demonstrating critical analysis, synthesis and organisation of knowledge.

% Coursework 100%