Research Project in Sports Coaching


The study of a specific topic in sports coaching, involving original research. The choice of topic is by negotiation between the student and an appropriate member of teaching staff acting as supervisor. The project should, where possible, be original research, and include some elements of design and planning of some form of data collection, analysis of findings and development of new hypotheses. Data collection may be laboratory experimentation, questionnaires, social or behaviour observation.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply appropriate theoretical and practical methods to the analysis and solution of problems in sports coaching.

  2. Conduct appropriate research and undertake design and development of a problem in sport coaching and critically place the problem and its solution within the context of the body of knowledge of the selected topic area.

  3. Generate new hypotheses for the selected topic area based on relevant research and own results.

  4. Plan, organise, direct and control tasks and resources so as to accomplish project goals effectively within the allotted time.

  5. Maintain accurate, accessible records of data collection, decisions made and their rationale in a reflective workbook and utilise suitable software packages for data manipulation and the preparation of typewritten documents.

  6. Evaluate the experimental approach adopted and recognise its strengths and limitations and compare and integrate the project findings with findings from previous work reported in the literature or elsewhere.

  7. Prepare a structured, coherent project submission and engage in critical discussion of the conduct of the project and the significance of its findings.

% Coursework 100%