Rooms Division Management


Rooms Division Management will provide the learner with an in-depth understanding of critical guest service functions associated with the ‘rooms’ inventory of an accommodation business that include reception, reservations, accommodation and maintenance.The module will develop practical skills required to workin an accommodation business by undertaking training in Oracle OPERA, a property management system used by many of the world’s leading hotel chains.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the contribution the Rooms Division makes to a Hotel's overall performance

  2. Apply the concepts of the guest cycle and develop competencies in handling all associated procedures

  3. Process guest reservations and manage room bookings efficiently through a property management system

  4. Demonstrate the ability to correctly calculate, understand and apply accepted industry measurements for occupancy and revenue

  5. Examine accommodation-related tasks, including management of resources, administration of assets and key technical operations

  6. Recognise environmental and sustainability issues pertaining to Rooms Division

% Coursework 100%