Sculpture, Ceramics, Digital and Time-Based Media - Studio Practice 2


This is an extensive introductory module that exposes the student to a range of media, techniques, and methodologies associated with creating sculpture, ceramics, digital and time-based practices. It will introduce students to a range of processes involved in working with wood, metal, clay, plaster, rubbers for mould making, glaze, performance, audio/visual recording and software within digital and time-based media. The module is designed to familiarise students with relevant sculptural, ceramic, digital media and time-based practices and methodologies utilised within a wide range of contemporary art practices.

In the process, students will receive demonstrations and training in a wide selection of the extensive range of equipment and materials available within the areas of sculpture, ceramics, digital and time-based media. Students will receive a thorough health and safety induction in both general workshop health and safety, and safe usage of specific machines, materials, equipment and processes utilised within the module. They will be taught the skills necessary to complete given tasks safely, within industrial and artistic guidelines.

Students will be introduced to formal languages within contemporary sculptural, ceramic and digital/time-based practices. They will be tasked with responding to a series of specific project briefs that emphasise formal elements and require responses that explore and express formal dynamics through a range of materials and processes. Project themes will include ideas of geometry, container/containment, memory and objects. Project themes will also challenge students to build and incorporate learned techniques into an evolving studio practice that is grounded in individual concerns and expression. As such, students will be required to increasingly engage with ideas and content emerging through their individual pursuits and to recognise potential meaning emerging through the outcomes of material manipulation within sculptural, ceramic, digital media and time-based processes.

Students will be introduced to ideas of how artworks and can respond to, be informed by and be situated in response to the dynamics of context and space.

Students will be introduced to the evolution of formal languages and qualities within historical and contemporary sculptural, ceramic, digital media and time-based practices, including how the dynamics of contemporary practices have been impacted by formal approaches and engagement with materials.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an ability to work with a selected range of equipment, tools and materials safely while using the correct personal protective equipment for each specific process, in line with health and safety instruction and guidelines.

  2. Evidence of a basic sense of how to observe, explore and research ideas given as project briefs through drawing, process-based research and material manipulation and apply the specialist processes and techniques demonstrated within workshops to the various tasks assigned.

  3. Explore, work with and describe a range of formal elements (e.g. balance, form, mass, etc) through processes of material manipulation and presentation particular to the areas of sculpture, ceramics, digital and time-based media.

  4. Develop comprehensive, technical notebooks that observe, record and collate information on the dynamic relationships of material processes and concepts within one’s own work and that of a range of professional practitioners.

  5. Establish self-directed learning and research strategies in the development of a responsible, professional engagement with individual practice.

  6. Contribute to and engage with peer group activities and critiques.

% Coursework 100%