Six Sigma


This module introduces the student to the main concepts and methodologies of Lean and Six Sigma. It covers Lean tools, the DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyse-Improve-Control) methodology and a set of tools used at different steps of the DMAIC methodology. The module aims to give the students an understanding of the powerful Lean Six Sigma tools and methodologies necessary to successfully lead and contribute to DMAIC improvement projects within an organisation.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Distinguish and explain Lean Six Sigma concepts and explain why organisations use them.

  2. Define, select and apply Lean and Six Sigma tools for problem solving, prioritizing problems, reducing waste, evaluating process performance and improving processes.

  3. Collect, summarise, analyse and interpret data using graphical methods, descriptive and inferential statistics.

  4. Explain the concept of ethics and integrity and examine various codes of ethics for engineers.

  5. Communicate findings effectively, accepting responsibility for their own contribution and performance.

% Coursework 50%
% Final Exam 50%