Social Gastronomy



This module brings an interdisciplinary approach to the political and sociological changes in food. Through this exploration of food gastronomy in society, students will discover how an interconnected global network of local communities can use the power of food to transform society.   In analysing the ways in which food is produced and consumed, we will also discover how the material and ideational impact on food safety policy. This module will also address the reconfiguration of risk, science and politics as well as issues of power and ecology, all through the prism of food.




Learning Outcomes

  1.  Understand  the social context in which food is produced, consumed and regulated.

  2. Apply conceptual reasoning  and critical evaluation of the relationship between risk science and food.

  3. Display a knowledge and understanding of the social forces shaping food policy.

  4. Assess the impact of un elected trans-global bodies such as vested interests, World Trade Organisation, The Food and Agriculture Organization and Codex Alimentarius.

  5. Evince a knowledge and understanding of sociology and its evolving role in food gastronomy and society.

% Coursework 100%