Social Web/Digital Media Strategy


To provide students with a conceptual knowledge and tactical guidance to analyse, define, implement and evaluate a social media/ Digital Media strategic plan to enable a community to grow around a technical solution. To enable students to Manage a social web/digital media strategy .

Learning Outcomes

  1. To enable the students to successfully manage an organisations social web/digital media strategy

  2. Differentiate social web strategies, digital media technologies, role of social software, role of communities and strategic management of same

  3. Plan, develop and document a social web strategy, incorporating Digital media technologies

  4. Evaluate social web strategies.

  5. Interpret and develop strategic social web investment plans.

  6. Analyse key social web trends, Digital Media technologies and emerging technologies that are likely to have an impact in the future.

  7. Deliberate ethical issues in relation to social media.

% Coursework 100%