Soil Science


This module provides the student with an understanding of the factors of soil formation including; parent materials, topography, biological organisms, climate, and time. It introduces the major soil types and their classification and the concept of the pedosphere. Provides an overview of the main function of soils including, soil texture, soil water and gas exchange, soil organic matter, macronutrients, and nutrient cycling. Finally, the module introduces the concept of sustainable soil management.

Sustainable development topics referenced within the module include:Responsible Consumption and Production, Life on Land

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain the factors and processes involved in soil formation

  2. Demonstrate ability to sample soils, perform and understand soil classification and identification of soil types

  3. Describe the major functions of soil

  4. Discuss nutrient cycling and role of macronutrients in the soil

  5. Explain sustainable soil management

% Coursework 50%
% Final Exam 50%