Spanish Language and Culture 3A


Set at CEFR level A2 + this course aims to build on the language competencies of learners who have studied Spanish to A2.1 or an equivalent standard. The course will also enhance understanding of the social and cultural context of the language. During the year, students will undertake individual and group tasks to develop their competencies in spoken and written production as well as their ability to interact in the target language and broaden their knowledge of Spanish culture and society. Upon successful completion of this module, students will be progressing towards achieving Level A2 within the Common European Framework of Reference. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand instructions, announcements and messages about familiar everyday activities and hobbies provided the delivery is slow and clear. 

  2. Extract information from a range of texts that consist mainly of high frequency, everyday language on topics such as family life, employability, travel and holidaying, shopping, popular culture, and the environment. 

  3. Exchange basic information by text message, by email or in short letters and write about everyday aspects of their immediate environment e.g. people, places, a job, or study experience. 

  4. Communicate orally, at an appropriate level, on familiar topics in predictable everyday situations. 

  5. Use simple language to provide an approximate translation of short texts on familiar and everyday themes.

% Coursework 100%