Sport and Exercise Pedagogies


This module prepares students to gather and communicate evidence-based sport coaching and teaching resources and then to evaluate their own coaching and teaching performance. The module examines the principles of learner/athlete-centred coaching and teaching and expands on traditional conceptualisations of pedagogy encouraging students to view both coaching and teaching as professions with a primary goal of holistic education. The module examines traditionally accepted pedagogic approaches and challenges many of the key assumptions associated with sport, coaching and exercise instruction.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Debate and challenge traditionally held beliefs regarding sport, coaching, physical education and exercise instruction.

  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the broad concept of sport and exercise pedagogy.

  3. Recognise the role of pedagogic practice in physical activity in the context of human development.

  4. Understand the fundamental principles that underpin the pedagogic process.

  5. Be aware of the fundamental similarities and differences between teaching, coaching and other pedagogic practices.

  6. Critically discuss theories related to learning and teaching.

% Coursework 100%