Sports Management


An introduction to the study of sport in society with an examination of the development of sport management in Ireland and around the world. This module examines a range of issues and challenges which are both of contemporary relevance and critical importance to the sports manager. Students will develop the skills for identifying, researching, and evaluating the implications of these issues for the current and future provision and development of sport and exercise.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically discuss the unique principles, features and functions of sport management and their application in the Irish setting.

  2. Explain the development and structure of sport in Ireland and its management.

  3. Identify and define the key aspects of management theory and organisational culture.

  4. Explore the required competencies for career opportunities in sport management including the development, particular tasks, and career path of those opportunities.

  5. Critically discuss contemporary issues and developing trends and research in sports management.

  6. Assess the application of appropriate approaches to policy and strategy appraisal in different sporting contexts.

  7. Critically evaluate the implications of different approaches to policy for the management of sports activities.

% Coursework 100%