Statistics for Healthcare Analytics


The rapid digitalisation of healthcare systems and records means that the healthcare industry and healthcare professions can now deliver clinical care, policy and planning on sound evidence. Part of this evidence is derived from the evaluation of available data sets and the application of appropriate statistics. To realise the potential that “Big Data” can offer healthcare practice and planning, it is essential that healthcare professionals and those working in the healthcare industry are comfortable working with data and deriving and interpreting basic statistics. There exists disparity across the healthcare professions on the extent to which statistics are taught. The module is practical in nature and will focus on introducing students to the concepts important in data analysis and statistics. The module is aimed at students with no previous statistical analysis experience. It will provide the student with an introduction to statistical and analytical techniques which underpin healthcare analytics.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyse theoretical concepts fundamental to data analysis

  2. Apply appropriate statistical tests to data in the healthcare context.

  3. Analyse and interpret descriptive and inferrential statistics on healthcare data.

  4. Synthesise and present healthcare data graphically.

  5. Critically evaluate the threats to validity and reliability of results

% Coursework 100%