Strategic Management for Hospitality


This module is designed to introduce the learner to the analytical techniques and conceptual frameworks of Strategic Management. The complexity and importance of the strategic management process will enable an exploration of the Hospitality Industry, both in the context of its evolution and emerging trends. Emphasis will be placed on; developing the capacity to think strategically about the hospitality industry and managing hospitality organisations; building skills in conducting strategic analysis and strategy development and, providing a strong understanding of the competitive challenges of a global marketplace. Project work will provide opportunities for students to develop strategic thinking, analytical skills, and communication skills, scaffolding their learning for related modules at Stage 4 of the programme of study.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Evaluate the strategy formation process within organisations through the consideration of specific industry and company scenarios.

  2. Categorise industry and competitive forces through the application of strategic frameworks, models, and perspectives.

  3. Assess a hospitality organisation; its present business position, its long-term direction, its resources and competitive capabilities and its opportunities for gaining sustainable competitive advantage.

  4. Discuss the impact on strategies from changing economic and global influences on hospitality management organisations and options.

  5. Formulate proficiency of the strategic management process and its role in organisational success and survival.

% Coursework 100%