Strategic Organisational Dynamics and Change for Leaders


This module actively facilitates the critical examination and appraisal of the theories, strategies, and techniques of organisational behaviour and change management, as required by a leader in order to engage with changing environments, diverse individuals and groups, with the objective of facilitating optimal organisational performance, while at once, demonstrating professional sensitivity and awareness of the differing stakeholder psychodynamics and interests involved.

The module is structured into four blocks of learning focusing on the individual; group dynamics; organisational systems and change management strategies and techniques. At the level of the individual, psychological literature on individual differences will be interrogated, reflected upon and applied to workplace decision-making. Contemporary theories of learning, well-being, and participation at work will optimise development in workplace settings. Team optimisation, crisis and conflict management techniques will be actively engaged with. Further, participants will examine the role of organisational structure, culture, and context for organisational optimisation. Consideration will be given to the organisational context, with particular reference to regional idiosyncrasies and challenges.  Strategies and techniques for leading change successfully will be assessed.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically appraise and apply appropriate psychological, sociological and organisational theories, demonstrating leadership in the management of personal and group issues arising in an organisational setting.

  2. Present a critical reflection on the dynamics of roles and responsibilities within an organisation, to support successful implementation strategies within teams.  

  3. Engage in critical dialogue demonstrating understanding of historical and contemporary organisational design structures, to make recommendations for application to selected work settings.

  4. Demonstrate mastery of specialised techniques and theories involved at the forefront of the field of organisational change; critical event management; sustainability and development dynamics.

% Coursework 100%