Studies in Conservation Behaviour


Over the past number of decades, efforts have been made to integrate the fields of behavioural ecology and conservation biology, leading to the development of a new research field: Conservation Behaviour, which incorporates animal behaviour into the management and conservation of wild animal populations. Students on this course will learn how animal behaviour can contribute to species conservation and management. Through independent study, they will produce a comprehensive literature review on a selected topic in Conservation Behaviour, thereby gaining an in-depth knowledge of a specific area of Conservation Behaviour while also learning effective techniques for reviewing the scientific literature.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify the most relevant literature on a selected topic in the field of conservation behaviour

  2. Synthesise information from a wide variety of relevant sources on their selected topic

  3. Critically evaluate the literature on their selected topic

  4. Appraise and revise their own writing so that it is free of grammatical and typographic errors, correctly referenced and logically structured

  5. Write a focused and coherent literature review to demonstrate their in-depth understanding, and up-to-date knowledge, of their selected topic in conservation behaviour

% Coursework 100%