Systems Analysis and Design


Systems Analysis is a structured process that allows for the development of international business information systems.  On completion of this module students should have been involved in a number of activities that include requirements gathering, data modelling, process description and design; prototyping and systems design.  Techniques include Use case stories, Use case diagrams, activity charts, Data flow diagrams, entity relationship modelling with normalisation, Soft Systems Methods with Agile

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply Structured Systems Analysis and Design Methodology (SSADM) tools and techniques and execute these within Traditional/ Agile methods.

  2. Analysis a business problem using tools and techniques and application of use case, context and Data Flow (Data Flow Diagrams).

  3. Complete Entity Analysis and construct Entity Relationship Diagrams

  4. Apply Object Oriented Analysis (Unified Modelling Language).

% Coursework 100%