Systems Thinking for Accountants


Systems Thinking involves the identification and consideration of the business and accounting influences and process components that forms the framework for accounting system formation in a business. Systems Thinking encompasses a range of business and accounting analysis components both internal and external to that business to form the elements of an IT Strategy. This then enables the modelling and design of accounting systems to support decision-making. For the purposes of this module, Systems Thinking is defined as the processes of identifying, collating, and applying the accounting needs of the business into fundamental business and system models in order create a platform for accounting systems development as part of the overall business system. This module introduces the learner to business models, tools and methods and software for conducting business and accounting systems modelling

Learning Outcomes

  1. Compose the sections of an IT Strategy for Accounting Systems

  2. Consider the contribution of Systems Thinking and Data Governance to Accounting systems development

  3. Apply the fundamentals of process modelling methods

  4. Apply key systems design techniques towards the development of accounting system

% Coursework 100%