Teaching and Learning Applied Project


The Teaching and Learning (T&L) Applied Project module will provide participants with an opportunity to design, develop and evaluate a teaching and learning artefact and prepare an applied research design report. The module experience will encompass the entire design and innovation development process, from vision, proposal development and artefact formation, through to testing and evaluation of the teaching and learning artefact. To conclude, the learner will present on the T&L artefact and prepare an evaluation report (4,000 words) plus a learning journal (2,000 words). Final outputs will be presented in a showcase learning and assessment event.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify a teaching and learning initiative and develop the idea from concept to implementation.

  2. Implement critical literature research and analysis.

  3. Integrate educational theory into the design, implementation and evaluation of the research output.

  4. Design and develop a high quality teaching and learning initiative/artefact.

  5. Examine the teaching and learning initiative with academics, practitioners and students.

  6. Reflect on the development and evaluation journey, and the contribution to teaching and learning practice.

  7. Prepare a research report outlining the development of the initiative and the evaluation research undertaken.

  8. Draw conclusions from the teaching and learning project conducted and present a critical assessment of the findings.

% Coursework 100%