The Art of Pastry, Baking and Desserts 1


This module will enable learners to demonstrate the skills required for pastry, bakery and desserts. The learner will be provided with the opportunity to practice pastry, bakery and dessert skills required for a sustainable contemporary professional kitchen.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify ingredients, equipment, techniques and the range of artisan, seasonal and locally available produce necessary for the production of pastry, bakery and dessert products.

  2. Explain the scientific principles underpinning all the processes used in the pastry kitchen.

  3. Utilise the processes and techniques necessary to produce a range of pastes, breads, sponge products, hot and cold desserts.

  4. Demonstrate practical skills based on sustainable principles, health and safety, and food safety guidelines. 

  5. Apply cost and quality control procedures as they relate to the production of pastry products.

% Coursework 100%