The Next Step - Transitioning to Work


The Next Step - Careers Module develops the learner professionally and personally and equips them with the skills and knowledge to enable them to plan for and achieve their lifelong career goals. The module is aligned to GMIT's Employability Statement and Framework which highlights the Institute’s commitment to working with employers, ensuring that graduates are prepared for a constantly changing world of work.   The Next Step combines a digital learning suite of resources and traditional live discussions that are informed by enterprise. A suite of online workshops facilitate and guide students’ actions and reflections, as they develop and fine tune a career portfolio. Learners will gain knowledge and skills in relation to the recruitment and selection process, and gain skills relevant to commencing in the workplace.   

The online careers module provides students with a programme of career, personal and professional development that is grounded in a theoretical model CareerEDGE (Darce, Pool, and Sewell 2007). The model of employability has become embedded in the Careers module and forms the architecture around which students personal, career and professional development is based and delivered.

This module can be delivered as a blended or online module. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply active self reflection and research skills to create a sustainable career development plan.

  2. Construct a comprehensive Career Development e-Portfolio.

  3. Present and articulate professional skills and experience in an employment interview situation.

  4. Identify, research and reflect on transversal employment skills.

% Coursework 100%