Theory of Teaching and Learning


This module introduces initial teachers to theories of teaching and learning arising from the field of psychology, and sociology, that can be effectively applied in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning. Areas examined include the application of educational theory in the classroom, classroom and behavioural management, active teaching methodologies, technology and education, inclusive education, differentiated learning, child protection, and reflection. Active and problem-based learning strategies are used to engage and motivate learners and enable them to take ownership of learning. Both individual and group work is facilitated. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of foundational psychological theories relating to learning, including debates from various psychological perspectives.

  2. Explain the origin of sociology and provide a foundational account of the sociology of education.

  3. Provide a comprehensive account of the theory of classroom management, including behavioural management, and the role of reflective practice in classroom management.

  4. Show how to integrate differentiation and inclusion strategies into teaching and learning.

  5. Identify key areas of Child Care legislation and practice relevant to post-primary schools

% Coursework 50%
% Final Exam 50%