An introduction to compressible and incompressible flow in Pipe Networks and Fluid Machines

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate confidence in calculating basic pipe flow calculations by hand and demonstrate knowledge on minor losses; pipes in series and parallel; flow from reservoirs.

  2. Understand the principles of the hardy cross method and its application to large scale pipe networks and will be able to demonstrate its usage for simple pipe networks.

  3. Demonstrate an ability to select centrifugal pumps and fans based upon manufacturers curves and assess their performance in relation to a given pipe network.

  4. Avoid flow conditions which can lead to pump or turbine cavitation.

  5. Conceptually  design and size various types of water turbines given a  flow reservoir condition.

  6. Evaluate friction factors for compressible flows and know how to use  flow measuring devices for such flow cases.

  7. Demonstrate an understanding  of the importance of flow velocity mach number and its importance to compressible flows.

  8. Use ventilation and airborne contamination as a criteria for fan or pump selection and approximate losses for non circular ducts using the equivalent hydraulic diameter.

% Coursework 40%
% Final Exam 60%