Thesis in Education Science


The Thesis in Education Science module will provide a comprehensive overview of different research methodologies to enable the preparation of a valid and appropriate methodological framework for a teaching and learning or education study. This flexible framework will reflect the evolving nature of research involving the preparation and submission of a research design plan, research proposal, the development of a detailed literature review, the testing and selection of appropriate data collection and analysis techniques, and presentation of the findings. The learner will prepare a minor thesis (20,000 words) under the guidance of a research supervisor. Participants will participate in Applied Research workshops and Circle Meeting Discussions in parallel to preparing the thesis in Education Science.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop a research proposal relevant to a research specialisation in teaching and learning.

  2. Analyse and critically evaluate published literature in a chosen teaching and learning topic.

  3. Critically assess and apply ethically appropriate primary and secondary research data collection methodologies in a teaching and learning topic.

  4. Demonstrate the principles of validity and reliability in data analysis in their research work.

  5. Prepare and submit a thesis in a chosen teaching and learning specialisation.

  6. Disseminate and debate teaching and learning research amongst peers.

  7. Demonstrate problem solving and reflective critical thinking, in dialogue with the literature, in the context of ongoing forum discussions.

% Coursework 100%