Trends in ECEC


This module will critically appraise contemporary issues in Early Childhood Education and Care. Dominant debates pertaining to childhood development and training, professionalisation of the sector, theoretical underpins of current National and International ECEC policy will be examined. Media coverage of key incidents pertaining to ECEC will be critical reviewed as they emerge. Globalisation and the Information Age are considered as the context that young children grow up in and inputs will consider the potential impacts of technology upon childhood development.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Discuss emerging knowledge pertaining to the ECEC sector.

  2. Demonstrate an awareness that the ECEC context is not static and is influenced by external factors.

  3. Discuss the use of Information Communication Technologies in the ECEC setting as a learning and communication tool when working with children, parents, the community, colleagues and other professionals.

  4. Define the meaning of 'professionalism' in the ECEC sector.

% Coursework 60%
% Final Exam 40%