A module introducing students to contemporary practices in virtual cinematography, vfx and compositing. This is an applied module developing foundational artistic skills for progression onto a two-year elective course of study in post-production environments for a range of film and moving-image contexts.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a basic awareness of the artistic and historical processes upon which contemporary post-production process for film and moving image contexts are based in the design of projects for assessment.

  2. Execute essential studio processes in the acquisition and formatting of source imagery for compositing purposes from a range of sources.

  3. Examine both personal creativity and problem-solving abilities with respect to the interpretation of visual ideas for the production of narrative meaning, in the form of drawing and written developmental materials.

  4. Operate key software processes with Adobe After Effects and Photoshop in the development and execution of  moving-image sequences.

  5. Formulate original and innovative project work in the studio for assessment in appropriate industry-standard formats.

% Coursework 100%