Visual and Critical Studies


In this module students are asked to examine contemporary visual culture in all of its various forms. It takes as its starting point that visual culture does not exist in isolation, but rather has been formed and continues to be shaped by the ideologies and philosophies of the society in which it exists.

It is an inquiry based module in which students are introduced to societal and ethical topics and these are then examined by reference to specific media. It accepts that contemporary visual culture is multifaceted and, as such it examines, but is not limited to such media as film, television, documentary, social media, the gaming industry, animation, advertising, photography and fine art.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Exhibit a detailed knowledge of the multiplicity of theoretical approaches concerning visual culture.

  2. Appraise the relationship between culture and society.

  3. Research the representation of a relevant topic and present findings as a finalised video-essay.

  4. Participate in and contribute to seminars and discussions.

  5. Formulate a suitable topic for examination for the final year's 'Research Project / Dissertation'.

% Coursework 100%