Visual Communications - Major Project


The final year is concerned with developing a body of work for the students' portfolio. Students undertake a student-led major project which consolidates certain emergent skill sets along with design theory and critical and contextual studies. Attention will be drawn to research methods for designers and evaluating graphic design exhibitions and graduate work. Students will explore a number of existing and self-initiated briefs and develop a Major Project by end of year. The project is developed through cycles of planning, research, ideation, design development and iteration, testing and implementation. Students are supported by peers and supervisors in the development of work for exhibition. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Define, research and present a suitable proposal for Major Project.

  2. Identify and research target audience(s) relevant to the proposed project.

  3. Design and apply a relevant research methodology.

  4. Show evidence of self-evaluation, peer evaluation and responding to lecturer feedback as part of iterative project development.

  5. Conceive, design and implement a visual communications project for exhibition (either online or in person).

  6. Synthesise the skills and knowledge accrued during the programme.

% Coursework 100%