Visual Culture 1


This module explores current debates around contemporary art in two ways.

First, it considers the relationship between the artist and their prospective audience by focusing on the institutional and theoretical frameworks of contemporary art. This takes place in the first semester.

Second, the module asks students to reflect on what defines a vibrant cultural scene and how, through the production of an online journal, to contribute actively to it. Students organize and decide on content, design, production and promotion of an online journal.

The key idea is for students to consider their learning and practice in relation to a wider cultural context and framework.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Navigate and comprehend key texts, thinkers, perspectives and current debates in contemporary art and visual culture

  2. Understand the institutional and theoretical frameworks governing contemporary art

  3. To work as part of a team in presenting group seminars and in producing an online journal

  4. To produce an essay and understand the essay format as a means of cultural enquiry and critical thought

  5. Undertake tasks such as website construction, design, uploading material, formatting, proofing, content management, appreciating the metrics and understanding of audience engagement

  6. Develop interpersonal skills, appreciating a positive attitude and the ability to listen, empathise, critically evaluate and communicate as a team-worker

  7. Situate their own knowledge, practice and understanding within the wider cultural and historical framework

% Coursework 100%